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Learning Photoshop
  • Exploring Photoshop
    October 28, 2017
    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Perfect Landscapes for Photoshop
    November 4, 2017 - November 11, 2017
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Perfecting Portraits in Photoshop
    November 19, 2017
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Are you ready to master the art of photo editing? Our Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC classes empower you to take your pictures to the next level. You’ll learn incredible tools for organizing, editing and sharing your photos. Classes are based on the current version of Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC.

FirstLook Photoshop

3-hour hands-on workshop; Bring your laptop!

Gain experience downloading and using the basic editing tools in Photoshop.

  • Convenient downloading using Adobe Bridge
  • Sort, edit and name photos
  • Color Correct, greater density w/ Levels & Curves
  • Basic Crop, Resize, export, social media, and print settings

Covers everything a Boot Camp or Intermediate student will need to know in Photoshop CC.

Exploring Photoshop  CC

5-hour, hands-on workshop;Bring your laptop!

Our step-by-step process for picture editing and global corrections will help harness the power to transform your photos.

FirstLook Photoshop class or equivalent experience required

  • Integrate Bridge and Photoshop
  • RAW Converter
  • Crop tool, Spot Healing Brush, and Clone Tool
  • Levels, Color Balance, and Filters
  • Selections
  • Layers and Layer Masks
  • Advanced healing and cloning tool

Perfecting Landscapes in Photoshop

3 hour hands-on workshop with Nicole Priest

Ever wonder how photographers make their landscapes look so pristine and inviting? After you have taken your beautiful landscape photographs there are things that can be done in Photoshop to make your picture more dramatic and inviting.

  • Effects with lighting
  •  Cropping and stitching
  • Edit different types of photographs
  • Learn how to eliminate objects or people that may be distracting, Make specific parts of a photograph pop.

Perfecting Portraits in Photoshop

3 hour hands-on workshop with Nicole Priest

Learn how to make essential edits that will set your photographs apart from the rest. We believe that regardless of the obstacles that may occur while capturing portraits, most, if not all, of common mistakes and aesthetic flaws can be fixed in Photoshop.

  •  How to eliminate acne, freckles, tattoos, scars,
  • Trim some excess weight
  • Enlarge eyes and add eyelashes
  • Remove facial hair

Photoshop for Contest Entrants

2 hours hands on workshop with Nicole Priest

Nicole Priest finalist in both the Weather Channel Photo Contest and Wildlife Photographer of the Year with the Natural History Museum in London wants to share her firsthand experience with you about Photoshop for contest entrants. She will go over the dos and don’ts of editing, mistakes she has made and lessons she has learned, and how to make your photographs contest worthy while maintaining the strict standards set forth.

By purchasing this class, you agree to the terms of the cancellation policy.
You may download our flyer.

Register online here or sign up in-store or over the phone at 310-375-7014.

Price Qty
Exploring Photoshop 10/28 $249.00 (USD)  
Perfect Landscapes for Photoshop 11/4 $129.00 (USD)  
Perfecting Portraits in Photoshop 11/19 $129.00 (USD)  
Photoshop for Contest Entrants 10/19 $129.00 (USD)  



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