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Intermediate 2018

Intermediate Photo is for the photographer wishing to hone her skills or improve his craft and take creative photography beyond the ordinary. Each lesson inspires you to grow and provide the tools to complete your assignments and push the way you think about creating photographs. Students are encouraged to participate in discussion, lecture, assignment and critique.

Date: Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays or Sundays once a month in 2018

Time: 7-9pm Mondays, 7-9pm Tuesdays, 9-11am Saturdays, or 10-12pm Sundays

Instructor: Mark Crase and David Bever

How It Works: We focus on four topics: People and Portraiture, Flash Photography, Landscape photography, and Exposure and Composition. Each topic has six classes that meet once a month called a “Session.” After six months the Session starts again on a new day. You can sign up for any individual classes that interests you or for a full 6 class session. For more information, check out the detailed session descriptions below. Limit of 25 attendees per class.

Pricing Options:

Individual Class: $49 each
Class Session (6 classes under same category): $249
Session 2-pack (Any two 6-class sessions, 12 classes total): $399
Season Ticket (Any intermediate class for the entire calendar year): $599

Focus your efforts on capturing the emotion of your subject and controlling the environment for the very best portraits and candid people photos.

Focus on the FaceLearn 5 rules of portrait photos and how to apply them to pictures of family, friends and clients. Learn to control the camera and lens to achieve your desired look.
The Right LightLight strikes the subject and creates an emotional response. Learn to see & use natural light to achieve the look you desire
Control the LightUse the light to build the photo you desire. Find and create the light and look required with reflectors and diffusers
That Candid Look – You’re on vacation, walking the street and having fun. How do you capture those natural looks and moments? Learn the tips and techniques used to create stunning candid photos
Weddings and Parties Where to stand, what to shoot, how to pose, and specialty shots that make a difference at your next party. Learn to get the great shot and avoid wedding photo mistakes.
In the StudioTransform your living room or garage for your Christmas card or prom photo. Start with one simple light and build into something amazing. Learn to sculpt the light simply and see how easy studio shooting can be

Mondays 7-9pm Jan – June:

Price Qty
Control the Light 3/12 $49.00 (USD)  
That Candid Look 4/16 $49.00 (USD)  
Weddings and Parties 5/7 $49.00 (USD)  
In the Studio 6/11 $49.00 (USD)  

Saturdays 9-11am July – Dec:

Price Qty
Portraits & Events Saturdays July-Dec 9-11am $249.00 (USD)  
Focus on Faces 7/14 $49.00 (USD)  
The Right Light 8/11 $49.00 (USD)  
Control the Light 9/15 $49.00 (USD)  
That Candid Look 10/6 $49.00 (USD)  
Weddings and Parties 11/3 $49.00 (USD)  
In the Studio 12/1 $49.00 (USD)  

Have fun learning to control your flash, your camera and your lens to sculpt light and create stunning images that look like you never used a flash!

Flash Techniques Understand the technical aspects of flash from the camera controls to setting on the flash on to the physics of light and how it affects your photography.
Indoor FlashApply fun techniques to taking pictures of people or animals indoors.
Outdoor Flash Learn to add fill flash and otherwise manipulate your outdoor portraits using your flash technique.
Advanced Flash Techniques
– Light painting and creative techniques with flash and adding color to flash photos.
Off Camera Flash – Learn the advantages of off-camera flash, demo shadow locations and more!
Multiple Flash Techniques – Learn how to use multiple flashes with flash triggers to take interesting and captivating photos.

Saturdays 9-11am, January – June:

Price Qty
Outdoor Flash 3/10 $49.00 (USD)  
Advanced Flash Techniques 4/14 $49.00 (USD)  
Off Camera Flash 5/5 $49.00 (USD)  
Multiple Flash Techniques 6/9 $49.00 (USD)  

Mondays 7-9pm July – December:

Price Qty
Flash Mondays July-Dec 7-9pm $249.00 (USD)  
Flash Techniques 7/16 $49.00 (USD)  
Indoor Flash 8/13 $49.00 (USD)  
Outdoor Flash 9/10 $49.00 (USD)  
Advanced Flash Techniques 10/8 $49.00 (USD)  
Off Camera Flash 11/5 $49.00 (USD)  
Multiple Flash Techniques 12/3 $49.00 (USD)  

Learn to apply the rules of composition and exposure to develop an artistic approach to build stunning images. Train yourself to see creatively and shoot the images you desire.

The Exposure RangeMaster spot vs matrix metering. Mid-tone value and your vision. Learn to see light from highlight to shadow and where to place on the exposure scale.
Managing Light and DarkLight/dark subjects are problematic.  Learn the strategy and application of exposure control to create the pictures you desire.  Light & dark is simplified with the right metering skills.
Tough Exposure DecisionsHow do you decide what is the right exposure?  How does your creative desire affect your exposure decision?  Use the exposure matrix to guide you to capturing the right light.
Effective Composition  – The rules of composition give control of pictures aesthetically.  The formula guides us to better placement of subject and elements with classic style. 
Creative Subject PlacementWhere and why do you place the subject & horizon to make great photos? Move beyond the rules to create images with balance & tension.
Shapes, Patterns and LinesRecognize and use geometric shapes, lines and forms to make better pictures. Know how our eye looks for these familiar shapes in art and how we can use geometry to our advantage.

Sundays 10-12pm Jan – June:

Price Qty
Tough Exposure Decisions 3/11 $49.00 (USD)  
Effective Composition 4/15 $49.00 (USD)  
Creative Subject Placement 5/6 $49.00 (USD)  
Shapes, Patterns, And Lines 6/10 $49.00 (USD)  

Tuesdays 7-9pm July – Dec:

Price Qty
The Exposure Range 7/17 $49.00 (USD)  
Managing Light & Dark 8/14 $49.00 (USD)  
Tough Exposure Decisions 9/11 $49.00 (USD)  
Effective Composition 10/9 $49.00 (USD)  
Creative Subject Placement 11/13 $49.00 (USD)  
Shapes, Patterns, And Lines 12/4 $49.00 (USD)  

Great landscape images are built in your camera. Learn to use the light, your lens, foreground, background and filters to create stunning outdoor photos.

Techniques for Better ScenesLearn 3 styles of scenics and learn how to control focus in your photos.   Includes demonstration of hyper-focal distance.
Creating Depth in the Landscape – Great scenic photos require interesting foregrounds.  Learn to control foreground, middle ground and background while creating beautiful landscapes. Add a tripod for tight compositions.
Amazing Details and MacrosGreat landscapes often involve a closer look.  Make effective images of details and small objects to complement your grand images. Learn the tips & techniques to produce effective close-up and macro.
Filters for Light Control Great scenic images most often require filter to create the superb effect you desire. Use of polarizer, neutral density, and graduated filters can really make better scenic images.
Landscape Field Experience – Take your classroom knowledge into the field.  Practice your lessons while making scenic images right here in the South Bay.
Bring it all Together – Take a critical look at your landscape photos.  What spark do you need to make them worthy of publishing? Examine editing, selecting and post-processing your prize winners.

Tuesdays 7-9pm, January – June:

Price Qty
Flash Landscapes Tuesdays Jan-June 7-9pm $249.00 (USD)  
Amazing Details and Macro 3/13 $49.00 (USD)  
Filters for Light Control 4/17 $49.00 (USD)  
Landscape Field Experience 5/8 $49.00 (USD)  
Bring it All Together 6/12 $49.00 (USD)  

Sundays 10-12pm, July – December:

Price Qty
Flash Landscapes Sundays July-Dec 10-12pm $249.00 (USD)  
Techniques for Better Scenes 7/15 $49.00 (USD)  
Creating Depth in Landscape 8/12 $49.00 (USD)  
Amazing Details and Macro 9/9 $49.00 (USD)  
Filters for Light Control 10/7 $49.00 (USD)  
Landscape Field Experience 11/18 $49.00 (USD)  
Bring it All Together 12/2 $49.00 (USD)  



Session 2-Pack

Session 1
Session 2

Season Ticket

Full Schedule in PDF format: Click here to view class schedule.

How to Register: Register online above. Or, to register in store or over the phone, click on the link below to download the PDF registration form. Call us at 310-375-7014 to register over the phone, or bring your form to our store in Torrance and register in person.

By purchasing this class, you agree to the terms of the cancellation policy.

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