Mark Comon

Mark Comon is founder of Creative Photo Academy, PMA Academy and the PMA Certified Photo Instructor program. Mark has effectively taught photography to amateurs, hobbyists, professionals and other photo instructors. His passionate approach to creativity, simple explanation of technical topics and inspirational images will help your photography take flight. Mark loves to inspire you to […]

Jeff Mitchell

Jeff Mitchell has been involved in photography for almost 40 years. He currently works for Nikon Inc as a Senior Account manager.

Mary Cilva

Mary brings to the Creative Photo Academy 30+ years of experience as a photographer. She has experience in both film and digital photography as well as post processing in the digital dark room. She enjoys shooting everything from scenic landscapes to gritty street life to Film Noir “movie stills”. Her classes teach others how to […]

Robert Vlach

Robert is a professional commercial and fine art photographer with well over 10 years experience. He primarily shoots on-location where he’s learned to be flexible, adaptable, and to think quickly and creatively and he will share that wisdom and more with you. Robert is the innovator behind our Adventure Lite series which explores local photographic […]

Rob Sheppard

Rob Sheppard is a naturalist, nature photographer and videographer who says his favorite location is the one he is in at any time. He is the author/photographer of over 40 books, as well as a well-known speaker and workshop leader, and a Fellow with the North American Nature Photography Association. He was the long-time editor of the prestigious Outdoor Photographer magazine, and presently he is editor-at-large for Outdoor Photographer.

Rob teaches our Nature Photography Series at Creative Photo Academy and is available for one-on-one tutoring on any subject.

Karen Schuenemann

Karen Schuenemann is an award winning wildlife and nature photographer. Her work has been shown internationally as well as in local exhibitions.

Michael Pliskin

Michael Pliskin is an award-winning professional photographer, designer and writer. He was an early digital imaging enthusiast, having been a staff technical advisor at Nikon, Inc. when photography began to go digital. In addition to his photography, Michael wrote a book on Adobe Lightroom and teaches Digital Imaging, Photoshop, and Lightroom at colleges and other […]

Brian Mundy

Brian Mundy is a Creative with 35 years of experience working in the design and marketing industry. He has been a partner at YB Squared publishing company, Vice President of Digital Imaging for Photomation, President of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association and taught graphic design at Fullerton College. Brian brings a careers worth of experience to his software, computer and post processing classes with us.

Lynn Eodice

A native of Southern California, Lynne Eodice was educated at Pasadena City College and California State University, Cal Poly Pomona.  Lynne is a freelance photographer/writer who has had work published online and in print in Rangefinder, Digital Photographer, Photographer’s Forum, DoubleExposure [dot] com, and California Tour & Travel. She is also the former Features Editor for Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic. Her favorite subjects are travel and landscape photography, and she also enjoys shooting portraits of people and pets.

Lynne teaches classes focusing on road trip photography, architectural photography, and getting published in the photography industry at Creative Photo Academy.

Mark Crase

Mark is an avid photographer with more than 30 years experience capturing images around the Southland, across the country and around the world.  He is a professional educator, and teaches our Intermediate series at Creative Photo Academy.  Mark’s great appreciation for the art of photography, and for the work of the masters who have influenced […]

Duane Cassone

Duane Cassone is an passionate night photographer and pioneer in long exposure star trails techniques. He is CPA’s EXTREME PHOTOGRAPHER!

Kenneth Bowen
Kenneth is an avid film and digital photographer. He enjoys time spent in his darkroom as much as he does doing digital work on the computer. He is currently working on a book of his favorite landscape, street, portrait, and still life photography. Kenneth is also a team member of the PAUL'S PHOTO sales team [...] Details
Michael Boeger

Michael Boeger is a lifelong avid photographer, starting out with the Mamiya NC 1000 back in 1977. Since the first days of digital, Michael has been fascinated with photographic post-processing and has been immersing himself in the art of Photoshop since its first edition back in 1990. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with people new […]

Dave Bever

David Bever is a Certified Professional Photographer and educator.  As a photographer, Dave utilizes his 25+ years experience, along with the best camera and editing software available on the market today to provide exquisite images sure to draw emotion.

Peter Khauo

Peter is all about capturing the action. Whether he’s making documentary photographs or shooting footage for news stories, he is always looking to share something real and tangible. Peter also happens to be a wiz with technology (yes a wiz). He understands a wide range of gear, software and formats. That’s what makes him the go-to […]

Paul Van Allen

Paul Van Allen is a Nikon National Training Specialist with over 30 years of experience.

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