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Creative Photo Academy at PAUL’S PHOTO has been a hub for photographic inspiration, learning, creativity, and fun since 1988!
We offer online classes, workshops, photo walks, day trips and photo adventures that appeal to photographers of all skill and interest levels.

Our educators are award-winning, internationally recognized photographers, authors, teachers, lecturers, and more. Our studio is located at PAUL’S PHOTO in Torrance, California, although some of our day trips and Photo Adventures take us far beyond the South Bay! 

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Photography Classes

Are you thinking of taking the next step in your Photography journey? We have a class for you! Join our fun and informative classroom with both online and in person learning experiences. Join a community of like-minded people as you learn and grow.

Photography Events

From photo walks to inspirational talks from visiting artists, there is always something new! Whether you are looking to improve your skills or try something new, we have something for everyone. Click below and join us on one of our epic and educational events!

Popular Classes

Photo Boot Camp

Photo Boot Camp provides the most cohesive approach to learn how to use your camera creatively. Hone your skills through instruction, practical assignments and constructive image reviews. 

Light Painting

Step into the enchanting world of light painting photography as we present The Art of Illumination with Light Painting, an exclusive session that combines the artistry of light painting with the grace of a model.  

Ansel's Sierra Tour

Walk in the footsteps of the photographic giants. On Ansel’s Sierra Tour you’ll create fabulous photos, explore God’s country and learn creative landscape photography. 

Join us on a Bucket List Adventure!

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Join Creative Photo Academy on a Bucket List Adventure. Enjoy the thrill of seeing the animals, meeting the local people, and experiencing Africa in style!

Photo Gallery

View some of our amazing trips, classes, and student work!