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Meet the CPA Team

The Creative Photo Academy at PAUL’S PHOTO has been a center for photographic inspiration, learning, creativity, and fun since 1988. We offer classes, workshops, photo walks, day trips, photo adventures, and lectures that appeal to photographers of all skill and interest levels.

Our educators are award-winning, internationally recognized photographers, authors, teachers, lecturers, and more. Our studio is located at PAUL’S PHOTO in Torrance, California, although some of our day trips and Photo Adventures take us far beyond the South Bay.

Welcome to CPA; we look forward to seeing you!


Creative Photo Academy at PAUL’S PHOTO
23845 S. Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
Phone: 310-375-7014
Email: info@creativephotoacademy.com


Mark Comon

Creative Director: Creative Photo Academy, and Vice President: Paul's Photo

As a Certified Photographic Counselor, photo instructor and photographic artist, Mark Comon has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to solve any of your photographic problems or questions. But what he loves best is to inspire you. Since 1988, Mark has worked side by side with thousands of students through his classes, adventures and workshops. A dynamic lecturer and instructor, Mark has entertained and educated audiences from first-time snap-shooters to hobbyists to professionals.

Mark has led groups on photographic adventures throughout California, Europe, Africa and the American Southwest. Beginning in 1988, with a class that has evolved into Photo Boot Camp, Mark has grown the Academy program to meet your interests and needs. He is also the originator of the much-loved Los Angeles Zoo Photo Day, which premiered in 1989, and he continues at the helm of this “pet” project each fall.

His images have been featured in many publications, including Outdoor Photographer, PC Photo and Photographic magazine.  “Photography is about storytelling-seeing what touches you, then using light and lens to communicate, connect and inspire.”

Cheryl Comon

Sheryl Comon

Academy Secretary: Creative Photo Academy, and CFO: Paul's Photo

Sheryl assists with the “nuts and bolts” of running Creative Photo Academy. She is available for help with registrations, logistics and any of your needs while at CPA.

Sheryl is also a student at the academy. Her first class was Photo Boot Camp in April, 2014.

“Creating through photography is like sharing a little piece of your inner most self. It can be scary, but I want to learn to capture my vision on paper as closely as I can to what I see in my mind’s eye.”