Tuscany & Palio Photo Adventure

Tuscany, Italy Tuscany

June 27-July 5, 2024 Join us in Tuscany & Siena, for a RARE photographic opportunity! Experience the grandeur and majesty of the Siena Palio Horse Race, something outsiders rarely get […]

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Ansel’s Sierra Tour

July 27-August 3, 2024 Walk in the footsteps of the photographic giants. On Ansel's Sierra Tour you'll create fabulous photos, explore God's country and learn creative landscape photography. The CPA […]

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Yosemite Full Moon

August 18-21, 2024 Join Katrina Brown in capturing the amazing Yosemite landscapes during the day, and stunning full moon photography at night. In this fantastic adventure you will get the […]

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Fall in the Tetons Adventure

-Sold Out- Sep 29 - Oct 5, 2024 The Tetons and Yellowstone in the fall are a photographer’s paradise. Splendid fall colors along the rivers, moose foraging along the banks, […]

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Eastern Sierra Adventure

October 10-13, 2024 One of our most popular adventures! Learn your camera, expand your creativity and make stunning scenic photos in field with Creative Photo Academy. Fantastic locations and good friends […]

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BEST OF THE OMO 2024 -Sold Out-

BEST OF THE OMO 2024 ONLY 6 GUEST AND 2 LEADERS OCTOBER 18-30, 2024 Join Leader Piper Mackay, and guest Mark Comon, on an exclusive adventure limited to just SIX guests! […]

Yosemite Fall Color & Star Trails

November 1-4, 2024 Join Katrina Brown in capturing the amazing beauty that is Yosemite! Capture the stunning landscapes and fall colors during the day, and spectacular star trail photography at […]

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Japan Fall 2024

November 14-23, 2024 Join Yoshi Ohkuma, Japanese travel writer and influencer, and Mark Comon from CPA on an epic journey to Japan in the Fall. Capture the beauty and grace […]

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Yellowstone Winter 2025

January 19-25, 2025 Explore Yellowstone as few others have, in the beauty of winter's icy grip. You will photograph the awe-inspiring wildlife and stunning scenery from the comfort of our […]

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Northern Lights Adventure

February 24 - March 1, 2025 in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada Seeing and capturing Northern Lights is a bucket list item for many photographers! Churchill, famous for Polar Bears, is also […]

Conservation Safari

October 17-29, 2025 Join us for a once in a lifetime adventure! Beginners and pros welcome! Don't miss the opportunity to safari, seeing and photographing the animals where they are […]