Tuscany & Palio Photo Adventure

Tuscany, Italy Tuscany

June 27-July 5, 2024 Join us in Tuscany & Siena, for a RARE photographic opportunity! Experience the grandeur and majesty of the Siena Palio Horse Race, something outsiders rarely get to witness up close. Then immerse yourself in the charming landscapes, rich culture, beautiful art, and history of Tuscany. Accommodations are provided at an 11th […]

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Ansel’s Sierra Tour

July 27-August 3, 2024 Walk in the footsteps of the photographic giants. On Ansel's Sierra Tour you'll create fabulous photos, explore God's country and learn creative landscape photography. The CPA team will lead you to iconic locations on the Eastern Sierra with our focus on stunning scenic imagery in beautiful black & white. Pack your […]

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Yosemite Full Moon

August 18-21, 2024 Join Katrina Brown in capturing the amazing Yosemite landscapes during the day, and stunning full moon photography at night. In this fantastic adventure you will get the best of both day and night photography, in one of the most stunning natural landscapes on the planet! Don't miss this unique opportunity to visit […]

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Fall in the Tetons Adventure

-Sold Out- Sep 29 - Oct 5, 2024 The Tetons and Yellowstone in the fall are a photographer’s paradise. Splendid fall colors along the rivers, moose foraging along the banks, majestic elk competing for mating privileges and bears searching for those last meals before winter will all be subjects for our lenses. Scenic and wildlife […]

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Eastern Sierra Adventure

October 10-13, 2024 One of our most popular adventures! Learn your camera, expand your creativity and make stunning scenic photos in field with Creative Photo Academy. Fantastic locations and good friends make for a grand adventure. We have a fun-filled experience prepared, packed with landscape and scenic photography. Each day provides a balance of creative opportunities, […]

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BEST OF THE OMO 2024 -Sold Out-

BEST OF THE OMO 2024 ONLY 6 GUEST AND 2 LEADERS OCTOBER 18-30, 2024 Join Leader Piper Mackay, and guest Mark Comon, on an exclusive adventure limited to just SIX guests! Deep in southern Ethiopia live some of the most beautiful tribes on the African continent.  Inspired by their environment of wild trees, exotic flowers, and […]

Yosemite Fall Color & Star Trails

November 1-4, 2024 Join Katrina Brown in capturing the amazing beauty that is Yosemite! Capture the stunning landscapes and fall colors during the day, and spectacular star trail photography at night. In this fantastic adventure you will get the best of both day and night photography, in one of the most stunning natural landscapes on […]

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Japan Fall 2024

November 14-23, 2024 Join Yoshi Ohkuma, Japanese travel writer and influencer, and Mark Comon from CPA on an epic journey to Japan in the Fall. Capture the beauty and grace of Japan while learning from two amazing photographers and instructors. Mark Comon is the founder of Creative Photo Academy and has inspired photographers on our […]

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Yellowstone Winter 2025

January 19-25, 2025 Explore Yellowstone as few others have, in the beauty of winter's icy grip. You will photograph the awe-inspiring wildlife and stunning scenery from the comfort of our guided snow coaches. Each day we will explore a unique Yellowstone location, make amazing photos and more fun than you thought possible! The Adventure Join […]

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Northern Lights Adventure

February 24 - March 1, 2025 in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada Seeing and capturing Northern Lights is a bucket list item for many photographers! Churchill, famous for Polar Bears, is also one-of-the best places on Earth for Northern Lights photography and viewing. Clear skies in March and the ideal location on the planet enables the Aurora […]

Conservation Safari

October 17-29, 2025 Join us for a once in a lifetime adventure! Beginners and pros welcome! Don't miss the opportunity to safari, seeing and photographing the animals where they are protected and abundant! Using our Visit to make a difference, and staying in luxurious sustainable lodges! World class guides will take you on over 15 […]

Polar Bear Adventure

Polar Bear Adventure November 6-12, 2025 Join us on this once in a lifetime adventure! Beginners and pros welcome! Immerse yourself in the wintry Canadian landscape of Churchill, Manitoba. Capture unforgettable local wildlife encounters and the beauty of the tundra through your lens on our sustainable Tundra Buggy Tours. Four full days of polar bears, […]