Tamron Let’s Take a Trip: A Guide to Better Travel Photography

Wednesday April 24th at 6PM PT A good travel starts far before you set foot on the plane or behind the wheel of a car. Join Armando Flores in this webinar where we will talk about all stages of our travel photography adventures. From the research and planning, to the packing, to the creating of […]

Rode The Power of Audio


Free| ONLINE | Tuesday, May 7, 2024 | 5-6PM PT In this course Ian Llorens will go over different types of microphones, such as On-Camera microphones, Shotgun microphones, and Wireless microphone systems, to better understand when one type may be better suited than the other depending on the project. Ian will also cover what needs to be considered when […]

Meet Pep Williams

Pep Williams is a Los Angeles based photographer, specializing in music life and car culture. His fine art work is prized by collector's world wide, and Pep's documentary photos are humanizing, hard hitting and award winning. Get to know more about Pep and his work by joining him for his online talk and shooting with […]

Ingenious Light

Thursdays, May 30-Oct 17, 2024, 6PM | ONLINE, $299 Join Katrina Brown to explore the many ways to move, shape and think about light to create your best photographs yet. Over 6 monthly sessions, you will learn techniques with light that include portraits, still life, freezing movements and drawing with light. Each lesson will inspire […]

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The Travel Notebook


Photographers in the digital age have numerous options when it comes to posting their work to sites, apps, and online communities, but for those wanting a bit more perspective and permanence, there is another realm that exists; print. Utilizing print while traveling can not only heighten the experience; but can also lead to beautiful, more […]