Creative Photo Academy Passport

Document YOUR Creative Photo Academy Journey!

The Creative Photo Academy has always been a hub for learning and growth, so we want you to see your journey come to life! Download and print your CPA Passport as a place to put your stickers and reflect on your growth as a CPA student and photographer. From Boot Camp to Advanced, to everything in between, everyone has a unique and special journey to be proud of. Collect memories to remember for years to come!

Your Passport

Advanced Making Your Next Image

Advanced Project: Concept to Presentation


Black & White

Lightroom Classic


Intermediate Lightroom

Intermediate Photoshop


  1. Complete your Creative Photo Academy class!
  2. Print your CPA Passport above.
  3. Print the respective graphic for the class you completed by clicking the name of the class above.
  4. Tape the sticker to your passport where it says “Place Sticker Here”
  5. Fill out your reflection.
  6. Repeat!

Student Gallery

Student Passports!

Use the hashtag #MyCPAPassport on Instagram to document and share your passport!