I’m so grateful for the class. What is so fantastic about what you offered is that it is a referral template for our photographic lives. It’s the class that becomes your anchor notes! I so so appreciate this. If the world were full of folks with the enthusiasm you exude, we would be in a MUCH different place. I’m loyal for life, until I can move to LA that is. I thought photography changed my life, then you came along. I suppose you are the great AFFIRMER! One more thing, I’m a teacher too, and I love the way you work with the range of skills and levels. It’s so evident in the technical setup too. You really have grown community in a crisis. Be well, Mark, Until we connect again. – J

I just can’t speak highly enough about the classes at Creative Photo Academy. I recently bought a new camera and thought I was doing great using the Auto mode. Just a few hours in a Beginners Class with Kenny opened my eyes to moving beyond that. Kenny was a great teacher and covered a lot of material in just a few hours. He taught me enough to try different settings on my camera and piqued my interest into signing up for the Boot Camp. I hadn’t thought I’d be able to commit to 6 weeks but I decided to go for it, and I couldn’t be happier. Mark is amazing – fun, informative, patient. I’ve only been to the first class but the pictures I’ve taken since then are a world apart from what I could take before. Thank you so much!!! -Cathie E., Yelp

I have been a customer at Paul’s Photo for many years. Several years ago I took Boot Camp and from then on I have been hooked! Paul’s Photo and the Creative Photo Academy have become my home away from home, and taking great photos has become my passion. From Boot Camp to the Advanced Class, I keep learning. There are so many things to do. I love the Night Hawks classes and the day trips. The L.A. Zoo with the Creative Photo Academy is not to be missed!! I have gone on photo shoots with Mark Comon to Kenya and to Cuba. What a photographer’s dream! It’s truly amazing; whether you are a beginning photographer or an advanced one, with Mark’s help, you can take amazing pictures. Thank you so much for all the classes and adventures that you offer. Keep offering more! -Joyce C. Yelp

Just completed Bootcamp and learned so much about the technical side of my camera along with the how to further develop my creative side. Looking forward to trying out more classes and maybe a photowalk or two. Thanks! -Sarah R. Facebook

I have been taking classes at the Creative Photo Academy for about a year now. I got a Nikon camera for Christmas two years ago, and I signed up for Boot Camp so that I could learn more about my camera. Six weeks later, I knew SO much about how to use my camera and was inspired to take more classes. I’m currently enrolled in Intermediate classes, and I absolutely LOVE the Night Hawks. All of the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and you can really tell they all love what they do. The instructors are there to make sure YOU get the picture you want, and they help guide you every step of the way. I have become a much better photographer since I found the Creative Photo Academy! -Julie K. –Yelp

The school turns engineers into photographers.  I’ve attended classes since 2006, when I was still doing film. Mark Comon turned me into a real serious photographer helping me to bring out the creative side. I’ve attended everything from landscape workshops in Death Valley to Kim Weston Figure workshops – all help me improve and expand the creative, artistic horizons. -K M. Yelp

As I watched each class on my own the day after, I found it very helpful to pause or rewind as needed. I would take my camera and practice, practice, practice. Guess what! I love love love what your Boot Camp has done for me. It works!!! I am only regretting for not taking it years ago. Things are making so much more sense. I understand my camera way better, and mostly important I understand how shutter speed, aperture and ISO work together to make that great pic. Spot metering was challenging but I am getting better every day. The more I know, the more I want to learn. And to use manually my camera and have great photos as a result, is absolutely gratifying. 

Thank you so much for your never ending enthusiasm and encouragement. You were right from the beginning, when you said to be patient and all will come together.

Very happy and satisfied student of yours here! 😃🙌👍


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