Rode The Power of Audio


Free| ONLINE | Tuesday, May 7, 2024 | 5-6PM PT In this course Ian Llorens will go over different types of microphones, such as On-Camera microphones, Shotgun microphones, and Wireless microphone systems, to better understand when one type may be better suited than the other depending on the project. Ian will also cover what needs to be considered when […]

Technique Exposure


  Technique Exposure is for the photographer wishing to hone her skills or improve his craft and take their creative photography beyond the ordinary. Each weekly lesson will inspire you to grow and give you the tools to complete your assignments while pushing the limits of your photography. You will learn through participation in dynamic […]

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Photoshop 101


Adobe Photoshop has become the standard digital photography editing and manipulation tool all over the world. In this basic class, which meets online in four weekly two-hour sessions, you will learn many of the basic tools for editing your photos. Prior to the first session we will send you, via, a folder of images […]

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The Travel Notebook


Photographers in the digital age have numerous options when it comes to posting their work to sites, apps, and online communities, but for those wanting a bit more perspective and permanence, there is another realm that exists; print. Utilizing print while traveling can not only heighten the experience; but can also lead to beautiful, more […]